Raven symone and lil fizz dating

He carries that with him in real life.” Despite it all, Moniece said that she reluctantly agreed to do the show with Fizz as a means to get back in the music industry.Four years ago she gave this statement via social media that no one should be bothered about my gender orientation.She also said that her private life is not for public display.At that time she also expressed happiness on same gender marriages.“He has done things like kick my dog across the room and he decided to engage a full-on fight with me after he threatened to take my son and never bring him back home,” Moniece said, adding, “He is selfish, spoiled and he has this ridiculous sense of entitlement.

At the time, Bow wow claimed he earns just 00 a month as an employee of Birdman's Cash Money records, leases a jeep and had an measly 00 in his checking account.While she did attack co-star and enemy Amanda Secor for talking bad about her, it should come as no surprise that Moniece and her baby daddy, Fizz, have gotten into altercations in the past over their son.However, Moniece claims she wasn’t the only aggressor in those situations.She expressed this satisfaction while giving an interview to the media.She looked quite happy on the legalization of gay marriages.