Updating digivox xl

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Im thinking of buying a new box so can anyone please help me?????

hi ppl, ive got myself a digivox xl black, ive been trying flash it but everytime i do it say flash failed, its really starting to do my head in, can anyone help me please.

updating digivox xl-37updating digivox xl-86updating digivox xl-44

thanks my digibox has recently not been working the past 2 weeks only the freeview channels work and every time i go to network provider wher u can put the new codes in where it works theres onli one network provider : omni ....

- update defconfigs: * desktop586: support 32 cpus and 4GB RAM * desktop: support 64 cpus * laptop: support 32 cpus * server: support 128 cpus - clean config scripts * Sat Sep 04 2010 Thomas Backlund - add patches: * AX10: x86, tsc, sched: Recompute cyc2ns_offset's during resume from sleep states * DA60: libata-sff: remove harmful BUG_ON from ata_bmdma_qc_issue * DA61: sata_mv: fix broken DSM/TRIM support (v2) * DA62: pata_cmd64x: revert commit d62f5576 ("pata_cmd64x: fix handling of address setup timings"), as it introduced a divide by zero fault.

* DH01: hwmon: (k8temp) Differentiate between AM2 and ASB1 * DS20: ALSA: HDA: Add another Sony VAIO quirk for ALC269 * DS21: ALSA: HDA: Use model=auto for LG R510 * DS22: ALSA: HDA: Rename i Mic to Int Mic on Lenovo NB0763 so Pulse Audio does not ignore it.

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