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- Développer une coupole de lumière réalisée exclusivement à partir d'éclairage au néon industriel.

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The set is marked Minerve 1 for the highest level of French silver at the top of the handles on each item. They are in excellent condition for their age, which will be the very early years of the 20th century.

A pair of antique French, late 19th century sugar tongs by Ravinet Louis and Denfert Charles.

They are hallmarked at the top with the French boar (sanglier) hallmark for at least 800 silver and with the makers mark.

Each animal is individually cast and Silver-Plated and each was fashioned as a Cubist Animal by the renowned French Sculptor/Designer Marcel Edouard SANDOZ. Having the Gallia Mark, which was reserved for the more Avant Garde design range of Christofle, this set is even more desirable.

Created in the late 1920's for "Christofle's Gallia" line for use in the First Class dining room of the S. An identical A single Animal just sold for 0-SEE Items #7371073330 #6178571742. PRICE on Request Click here for more info FAKES False &/or Misleading Descriptions on e Bay, Never a Bargains - BEWARE! See item #200447570504 NOT CHRISTOFLE, & someone Paid 0 for these Fakes!