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” by former lead singer of the Temptations Louis Price and a choir of the foundation’s students.

Hosted by comedian Tom Papa, the rest of the night proceeded with speeches by different members of the foundation, other performances by the students choir, and two auctions.

“Incredible organizations like this take care of people, help people through their disabilities and their challenges,” Greenberg said.

“They’re working with close to 1600 kids here in Los Angeles and many more beyond that in terms of after school programs, giving people a chance to be successful in life. ” The night started off with a performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling!

FTP, IRC and Usenet were the main vehicles for file sharing in this decade.

Data compression technologies for audio and video (like MP3, AAC and MPEG) came into use towards the end of the 1990s.

As a player from 2005-2009, Hampton was as responsible as anyone for turning around the fortunes of California women’s basketball.

A top player out of Oakland Tech, she and teammate Alexis Gray-Lawson headlined the stellar 2005 recruiting class that, along with then-new-coach Joanne Boyle, made Cal immediately relevant.

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Greenberg spoke about the importance of the foundation.

Many file systems in use only supported short filenames.

Computer memory and speed was very limited, with 50 MHz CPUs only being accessible to consumers at the end of the decade.

A pear-to-pear network is a computer network where the connected computers are all equivalent.

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