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Unfortunately, there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. The most common (and infuriating) answer is, “It depends.” The cost of Ad Words depends on several variables.

However, the ghost chili was shortly superseded by the Infinity chili in 2011, followed by the Naga Viper, the Trinidad moruga scorpion in 2012, and the Carolina Reaper on August 7, 2013.

Reading fluency—the ability to decode a printed text easily, accurately, expressively, and at an appropriate rate—is essential to reading comprehension.

Reading fluency and comprehension depend not only on readers' oral vocabulary and background knowledge, but also on their ability to recognize words in print—on their knowledge of letter-sound correspondences and common spelling patterns, their mastery of phonics and word analysis skills, and their development of automatic recognition of many words.

In some parts of Assam, this chili is called naga zôlôkiya (নগা জলকীয়া), believed to be named after the ferocious Naga warriors inhabiting the plains and hills of Nagaland.

This is probably because the chili has long been colloquially known as Raja mircha or Raja mirchi in Nagaland.